Honorary Degrees 1920-1929

December 17, 1929 Wesley Clair Mitchell, Chairman, Social Science Research Council of the United States, and Professor of Economics, Columbia University, Doctor of Laws
  Albrecht Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Administrator, University of Hamburg, Germany, Doctor of Laws
  Célestin Charles Alfred Bouglé, Administrator, l'Ecole Normale Supérieur, Paris, France, Doctor of Laws
  Sir William Henry Beveridge, Director, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London, England, Doctor of Laws
  Herman Augustus Spoehr, Chairman of the Division of Plant Biology, Carnegie Institution of Washington, and Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University, Doctor of Science
  Gilbert Newton Lewis, Professor and Chairman, Department of Chemistry, and Dean of the College of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, Doctor of Science
  Moses Gomberg, Professor and Chairman, Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan, Doctor of Science
November 19, 1929 William James Hutchins, President, Berea College, Doctor of Laws
  Martin Antoine Ryerson, Former President, Board of Trustees, The University of Chicago (1892-1922), Doctor of Laws
August 20, 1929 Frank Joseph Loesch, President, Chicago Crime Commission, Doctor of Laws
June 11, 1929 Frank Baldwin Jewett, Vice-President, American Telephone and Telegraph Company, Doctor of Science
June 12, 1928 Ernest Hatch Wilkins, President, Oberlin College, Doctor of Laws
October 31, 1927 William Sydney Thayer, Professor Emeritus of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University, Doctor of Science
  Karl Landsteiner, Member, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, Doctor of Science
  Rufus Ivory Cole, Director of the Hospital, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, Doctor of Science
  Frank Billings, Professor Emeritus of Medicine, The University of Chicago, Doctor of Science
June 25, 1926 His Royal Highness, Gustaf Adolph, The Crown Prince of Sweden, Doctor of Laws
March 17, 1925 Charles Henry Wacker, Chairman, Chicago Plan Commission, Doctor of Laws
  Frederick August Stock, Conductor, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Doctor of Music
November 5, 1921 Ferdinand Foch, Marshal of France, Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Armies, Doctor of Laws
June 14, 1921 Frank Orren Lowden, Former Governor of Illinois, Doctor of Laws
  James Rowland Angell, President-Elect, Yale University, Doctor of Laws
  Marie Sklodowska Curie, Professor of Radiology, University of Warsaw, Poland; Professor of Science, University of Paris, France, Doctor of Science