Guest FAQ

The following list provides information specifically for guests.  If your question is not answered below, please email

When is Convocation?                                                                     

The 532nd Convocation will take place at The University of Chicago on Saturday, June 15, 2019, on the University's Main Quadrangles. All candidates will participate in this ceremony, during which the president will verbally confer degrees to groups of candidates by degree type and academic program. Individual divisions and schools hold separate ceremonies or receptions at which degree candidates will receive their diplomas individually from their deans.

What time should guests arrive for Convocation?

The Main Quadrangles will open for general seating at 7:00 a.m. The main security entrance is located at Levi Hall, 5801 South Ellis Avenue. Guests are asked to be in their seats no later than 9:00 a.m. so they can watch the procession. Seating is first-come, first-served.  

Why is Convocation held annually?

In gathering all degree candidates together for a shared graduation, the University is honoring its earliest traditions and the goals set out for convocations by the University’s first president, William Rainey Harper. 

Will I need tickets to attend Convocation?

Tickets are not required for the university-wide morning Convocation ceremony, though they may be required for separate division and school ceremonies. Please check with the divisions and school Dean of Students office with which the graduate you plan to recognize is affiliated. 

What happens after the morning ceremony?

Each division and school will hold their own ceremony.  Additionally, some may also provide lunches or receptions to candidates and their guests.  

I have a family member who requires accommodations. What information would be helpful when planning their visit?                                     

The University Convocation ceremony will offer a reserved seating section, designated for guests with disabilities and up to two (2) companions. This seating area is designated for individuals using wheelchairs, persons with limited mobility, and guests with visual or hearing impairments. The official Accessibility and Accommodations form will be available in January 2019. Please note, the University does not supply wheelchairs for Convocation. Questions can be directed to Convocation staff by emailing

What should I wear to Convocation?

Chicago weather can vary widely from sunny and hot to rainy and cool in mid-June. The University of Chicago’s Convocation ceremony is located outdoors on the Main Quadrangles, so please dress comfortably based on the forecast. Guests may be most comfortable in shoes with low or flat heels due to uneven ground. Please bring hats, sunscreen, raincoats, etc. as necessary.  Business Casual is appropriate for most of the receptions and other events. 

What happens if it rains on Convocation?

Convocation is held outdoors, rain or shine, on the University's Main Quadrangles. The University recommends all guests come prepared for the weather. The university ceremony may be shortened due to inclement weather.  In the event of extreme weather, appropriate security measures are in place to ensure the safety of all students and guests.  Details will be provided on the Convocation website and will be announced broadly at the ceremony.

How do I determine if my child will be graduating?

To participate in Convocation, degree candidates must have satisfied all curricular requirements and passed all prescribed examinations before the deadlines published by the Office of the University Registrar or have the approval of their area dean of students office. 

My child is a 1st year student in the College and I want to know when his graduation will take place. How can I obtain this information?

Please visit the University Academic Calendar for future convocation dates.  Select "Future Academic Years" and then indicate the appropriate academic year from the drop down, and then click "go."

Will indoor viewing be available?

Guests who prefer an indoor location may view a live broadcast of the morning Convocation ceremony in either Kent Auditorium or Bond Chapel, both of which are located within the Main Quadrangles. Please note that seating is limited. 

Can people view the ceremony online?

Yes, the University Convocation ceremony will be broadcasted via the University’s website at

Does the University of Chicago provide invitation letters for visa applications if traveling from abroad?

If the country where you reside requires an official invitation letter from the University for a Visa Application, the University can provide it for you.  You may place a request with your student’s respective division or school Dean of Students Office, or you may contact the Office of International Affairs.  The graduating student should send the email and please include full legal names, names of the visa applicant, visa applicant's relationship to the student, and visa applicant's full mailing address.                                                           

I plan to attend Convocation with my baby. Will there be baby changing areas readily available?

Yes, we are pleased to once again offer caregivers private, spacious, and sanitized baby stations that will be available throughout campus. These stations feature a conveniently mounted diaper changing table, hand wash sink, trash receptacle, coat hook for diaper bags, and soap/towel dispensers. 

Where is the lost and found located? 

The Lost and Found will be located on the Main Quadrangles at the Welcome Center. If you believe you left a personal item on campus and would like to inquire about lost and found, please email the convocation team at  Items will be held for 90 days before they are donated. 

Are umbrellas and strollers permitted at Convocation?

Yes, umbrellas and strollers are allowed at Convocation.