Past Benton Medal Recipients


2018 Martin Baron, Executive Editor of The Washington Post
2016 James Anderson, Scientist
2014 The Honorable Abner J. Mikva, Jurist and Public Servant
2013 Suzanne Ghez, Museum Director and Art Curator
2012 Timuel Black, Historian and Civil Rights Activist


2008 Leon Lederman, Nobel Laureate
2007 Ela Blatt, Leader of the International Labor, Cooperative, Women’s, and Micro-Finance Movements
2005 Leon Despres, Former Chicago Alderman and Community Activist


1999 Paul Simon, Former Senator
1997 Geoffrey Canada, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Rheedlen Centers for Children and Families in New York City
1997 John Callaway, Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist and host of WTTW/Channel 11's Chicago Tonight
1996 Katharine Graham, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Washington Post Company and a University Alumna and Trustee


1976 Hermon Dunlap Smith
1972 Paul Hoffman


1968 William Benton

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