Graduation Milestones

The Office of the University Registrar certifies the graduation of all candidates for all degrees.  This includes coordinating the student applications to graduate, validating with the Deans of Students and Bursar the completion of all academic and financial requirements, and preparing and coordinating the distribution of diplomas.


The University Convocation takes place at the end of the Spring quarter each year in June. Students who have graduated in preceding quarters of the academic year are eligible to participate in Convocation Weekend along with students graduating in the Spring and those expected to graduate in the following Summer. Please contact your division/school dean of students office to determine if they permit Summer graduates to participate in Spring Convocation. The students who are not graduating in Spring but who wish to participate in Convocation or diploma ceremonies must make their plans known to their Deans of Students at least two weeks in advance.


Students who expect to receive a degree at the end of Summer, Fall, and Winter quarters must file a degree application no later than Saturday at the end of the first week of the quarter in which they wish to graduate. Students who expect to receive a degree at the end of Spring quarter must file a degree application by Saturday, March 23, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. The application is submitted through my.UChicago. Booth students should apply through the Booth student portal.  Students who are unable to apply online by the deadline should contact their Dean of Students’ office by the end of the second week of the quarter to request a late application be submitted for them.   

A degree application is valid only for the quarter for which it is made. If the degree is not granted at the end of that quarter, for whatever reason, the student must submit a new degree application before the deadline for the next quarter in which a degree is expected. A fee of $65 will be charged for each degree application that is canceled after the end of the fifth week of the quarter in which it is filed.


Students are expected to settle all financial obligations to the University, including current quarter tuition and fees, by the end of eighth week if graduating in Summer Quarters and by the end of ninth week if graduating in Autumn, Winter or Spring Quarters.

Receive Final Approval for Graduation

College students are given final approval for graduation by the College following receipt of current and prior quarter course grades and the posting of other requirements. College policy requires grades for graduating students for courses taken in prior quarters to be submitted to the Registrar by Friday two weeks before the date of graduation.  Note that for Spring Quarter 2024, final grades for graduating College students are due Sunday, May 26, 2024.

Graduate and Professional students are given final approval for graduation by their area Deans of Students. Booth students will receive final approval for graduation following the deadline for final quarter grades.

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